Hello there!


Hi everyone! Welcome to by blog, my name is Natasha Del Valle and yes, I am a beauty addict from Puerto Rico. Have you ever been someone who buys something and just absolutely loves describing how amazing it is to your friends, sisters, whoever??! Well, thats pretty much the story of my life. I’m the kind of girl who will find ANY excuse to walk into a Walgreens…and walk straight to the cosmetics section (and of course sneak in a purchase).. I’ll then test it out, and then just rave and describe my obsession with whatever I just bought. That being said, I’ve decided to give my family members a break and start this blog where I can share with you guys my thoughts on new beauty products and let you guys know if its worth the hype!

So, if you are a beauty addict as myself, then I invite you to join me and indulge in everything that can be considered MAKEUP (or, anything that you can pretty much find at a local drugstore, Sephora..Ulta..sister’s makeup bag (I know, guilty)..no boundaries lol Let’s get started! So EXCITED! ❤


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